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  • January 2 dialogue with doubt* (religious series)
  • January 2 to the manner born (documentary about ducal standards)
  • January 3 best sellers* (adult education series)
  • January 4 donald campbell (news special)
  • January 6 mr. aitch (comedy series)
  • January 6 uncle charles (adaptation from Nigel Balchin stories)
  • January 10 le voyage du jericho* (schools French series)
  • January 26 nice to have you back (play by Michael Winder with Kenneth Haigh)
  • January 27 the levin interview (occasional interview series with Bernard Levin)
  • February 2 that old black magic (play by Paul Jones with George Cole, Joan Sims, Julia Foster, Johnny Sekka)
  • February 6 three after six (return of discussion series)
  • February 14 theatre royal (jointly with Granada—extracts from “Italy. My Italy”)
  • February 15 at last the 1948 show (new comedy series)
  • February 21 the diary of anne frank (jointly with Talent Associates)
  • February 22 the gambling city (documentary on Las Vegas)
  • February 27 six continents (Lenten series on missionaries)
  • March 15 no hiding place (Start of last series)
  • March 20 science versus god (Holy Week series)
  • March 24 when are you dead? (Good Friday special)
  • March 28 spring in ethiopia (Intertel documentary on Ethiopia by Denis Mitchell)
  • March 30 seven deadly virtues* (drama series)
  • April 4 write a play (drama series for children)
  • April 14 london under new management (news special)
  • April 14 russ conway’s gaslight show (musical)
  • May 9 everyone’s gone to the moon (documentary on America’s Space City)
  • May 15 need not creed (Christian Aid Week series)
  • May 19 half hour story* (drama series)
  • June 2 hatty town (children’s series)
  • June 5 war: both sides (Israel v. Egypt news special)
  • June 9 nasser—a leader falls (news special)
  • June 13 famine* (documentary on famine in Bihar by Jack Gold)
  • June 26 david kossoff’s story of ruth and naomi (nightly series)
  • June 28 sanctuary (drama series set in a convent)
  • July 3 in their shoes (series on how the other man lives and works)
  • July 4 come here often (twice-weekly children’s magazine programme)
  • July 6 send foster (children’s drama series about a junior reporter)
  • July 7 home from the sea (Chichester’s return to London)
  • July 10 the english climate (play by Paul Jones)
  • July 17 death by misadventure (thriller by Margaret Banks)
  • July 17 and i replied “my lord” (Cecil Day Lewis in religious series)
  • July 18 warship eagle (repeat of documentary on the aircraft carrier)
  • July 24 city dean (Dean of St. Paul’s in late night series)
  • August 1 the lightning war* (Israel V. Egypt news special)
  • August 4 women talking (interviews with women)
  • August 7 the small rebellion of jess calvert (love story with Horst Janson)
  • August 7 christ and war (last programme series)
  • August 14 betjeman’s london* (John Betjeman looks at London)
  • August 29 farewell arabia* (Intertel documentary on Abu Dhabi)
  • September 1 parents welcome? (series dealing with parents and education)
  • September 4 jesus wasn’t white (The Church in Africa)
  • September 18 revolution 1917 (A. J. P. Taylor series on Russian revolution)
  • September 25 lady windermere’s fan* (Barbara Jefford in Wilde’s play)
  • September 25 sexton blake (Laurence Payne in children’s series)
  • September 26 at last the 1948 show (return of series)
  • September 26 men against cancer (documentary about cancer research)
  • September 27 the informer (return of series with Ian Hendry)
  • September 28 the frost programme (return of David Frost)
  • September 28 exit—it’s the way out show (quiz series for the 16 to 25-year-olds)
  • September 29 fergus fish (children’s puppet series)
  • September 29 take your pick (start of a new series)
  • October 2 they said, “let’s live together” (play with Ann Lynn and Michael Coles)
  • October 2 famous choices (return of late night series)
  • October 3 saigon (CBS documentary)
  • October 9 the first thunder (play by Vian Smith)
  • October 16 r.i. on trial (series about religious instruction in schools)
  • October 25 u.n. debate (live satellite coverage)
  • October 31 inside the foreign office (Intertel documentary)
  • November 2 this week – daughters of the revolution (special report from Russia)
  • November 6 dialogue with doubt (return of religious series)
  • November 7 earl attlee memorial service (OB from Westminster Abbey)
  • November 14 no that’s me over here (comedy series with Ronnie Corbett)
  • November 23 the gamblers* (new play series)
  • December 4 more best sellers (adult education series)
  • December 25 a tale of canterbury (with John Betjeman)
  • December 25 aladdin (Christmas pantomime)
  • December 26 do not adjust your set (children’s series)
  • December 26 down at the old bull and bush (variety)
  • December 27 a whistle and a funny hat (play)

*These programmes are featured in the text.


outside broadcasts covered during the year have included the State Visit of Kosygin, the Royal Film Performance, the GLC elections, The Derby, Le Mans, Richmond Royal Horse Show, Expo 67, Epsom Bank Holiday Meeting, TUC Conference, racing, boxing, soccer, rugby, cycling, power boat racing, speed skating, table tennis, hockey, car racing, ice skating, water skiing, bowls, cricket and golf.


schools programmes: Among the regular series of schools programmes have been: seeing and doing, finding out, the world around us, a time and a place, song and story, le voyage du jericho, ways with words, science in use, the golden age, approach to living, you and the world.


the frost programme: Among the guests who have appeared on the programme are: Chay Blyth, Capt. John Ridgeway, Stirling Moss, Tsai Chin, Hugh Cudlipp, Lord Thompson of Fleet, Sean Connery, George Brown, Emil Savundra, Douglas Jay, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, John Lennon, George Harrison, Tommy Docherty, Quintin Hogg, Greville Wynne and Edward Heath.


this week: Among the countries visited have been: Tanzania, Israel, Hong Kong, Malta, Aden, Nigeria, Greece, U.S.A., Jordan, Vietnam, and Macao. Among people who have appeared on the programme are: Jeremy Thorpe, Edward Heath, Jo Grimond, Anthony Wedgwood Benn, George Woodcock, Denis Healey, Enoch Powell, Clement Freud, Harold Wilson, Duncan Sandys, Christopher Mayhew, Mark Bonham Carter, Roy Jenkins, Emanuel Shinwell, Michael Foot, Lord Chandos, Ernest Marples, Douglas Jay, George Brown, King Hussein, Jonathan Miller, Robert Shaw, Harold Pinter and Fou T’Song.


intertels: Among the Intertel programmes produced by other companies which have been screened are: the difference between us (National Educational Television on American and English public schools); april is the end of summer (Australian Broadcasting Commission’s documentary on Thailand); germany and its shadow (National Educational Television documentary on the rightist revival in Germany).


feature films: Among the feature films transmitted have been: The Ship that Died of Shame, Once More With Feeling, Somebody Up There Likes Me, Our Man in Havana, Flight to Tangier, A Kid For Two Farthings, The Silent Enemy, Rats of Tobruk, Tread Softly Stranger, Whiskey Galore, The Court Jester, Whistle Down the Wind, Serenade, Scott of the Antarctic and Alice in Wonderland.


american programmes and other film series: Among these have been: “Gunsmoke”, “The Adventures of Seaspray”, “Hogan’s Heroes”, “The Beverley Hillbillies”, “The Felony Squad”, “I Spy”, “Tarzan”, “The Red Skelton Hour”, “Laredo”, “T.H.E. Cat”, “Mission: Impossible”, “Dragnet 1967”, “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”, “The Flintstones”, “My Three Sons”, “Run, Buddy, Run”, “Hawk”.


Series running at the start of the year included: playtime, flipper, peyton place, gunsmoke, this week—the arts, disney wonderland, orlando, batman, double your money, the adventures of seaspray, the frost programme, this week*, the adventures of twizzle, atom ant, hogan’s heroes, take your pick, the rat catchers, the felony squad.c